Group #1
I learned what we should expect for the future- continue demand for information, growth in number of people looking for attention, loss in the desire for monetary possessions and more attention.

Learned about moving toward an attention economy since 1965
Money won't disappear, it will just lose its importance
Growth of the Web is only one aspect of the changing economy

Basic consumer rights
property, mobility, economy and transparency

reasons for attention economy change
Internet, unlimited amounts of information
Money will have less value, time will become new currency
Everyone has the same, unlimited amount of attention to give and receive

Credit Card debts are increasing
54% non-Hispanics, 84% African Americans, 79% Hispanic households
Purpose- people aren't responsible with money and banks are not strict enough

Group #2
taught me about time vs. money, how google saves time, and the entertainment economy.
Time vs. Money, what people use for time savers, and the more time you spend, more money you make
How google saves time, people don't realize how much time is being saved
Everyone uses google for its applications ( maps, good docs, shopping, gmail, google adds)
Entertainment Economy
we can now buy videos at gas stations
More news from internet than the TV now
everything can be done on the internet (classroom and work, shopping for groceries)

Nicky, Conrad,William and Tina did a nice job presenting. They had good pictures representing their topics, instead of a lot of words. They explained how pop-ups use to be the advertisement but now its on facebook or myspace.

Nicky did well. She had more picture then information. Less words more visual
Tina did a nice job getting to the point about the past present and future of certain technology that is used today. Like before people relied on maps but now people rely on GPS's.
Conrad's presentation confused me at times, however certain information about advertising, like advertisers are losing consumers attention, I will be able to use in the class paper.
William did a nice job using eye contact with the class. Didn't rely on the power point.
Over all everyone did well and deserves an A.

Dan, Ian and Faro had good information
dan did a nice job talking and didn't rely on the power point. Ian had good information using percentages. Faro didn't use a power point and did a solid job talking and keeping the classes attention. Everyone deserves an A

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