Brians grade page

Group 1
I learned what we should expect for the future- very good detail and really learned more about attention economy
Zack talked about moving toward an attention economy since 1965
we will lose the importance of money
Changing the web is only a slight change about changing the economy

Basic consumer rights
talked about having property, and owning the product

attention economy reasons are going to change
unlimited amount of info on the internet
Money will have less value then before

increased the debt of credit cards
banks are not strict and people are not being responsible

Group #2
taught me how google saves people time
Time vs. Money, what people to save time. more time you spend= more money
Clay- how much time google and search sites saves time for people
Entertainment Economy
you can use the internet for a lot of things now
more news is on internet vs tv

Nicky, Conrad,William and Tina had a good presentation. advertsments are now on facebook, and myspace.

Nicky did good. more pics then words, did well at explaining
Tina did a nice job describing the past vs present
Conrad's presentation was good a lot of detail
William didnt even need his power point he knew exactly what he was talking about and didnt even use the power point

Dan, Ian and Faro had good information
dan was a good public speake. Ian had a lot of important information. Faro also was interesting and had good information and was a good public speaker.

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