Clay's Grading Page

Group #1


I thought that as a group they did very well considering they were the first group to present to the class. They did a good job talking about the attention economy in both the past and the present. Got a lot of good information out of this group.

Zach- I think that Zack did a great job in bringing up the point of how money will never really go away however it become less important. Would of been better if he had found some sources.

Danny- I think that Danny did good job in providing some good information on how we have different kinds of attention. Just need to have some sources.

Ben- Ben did a great job of talking about where the attention economy will be in the future which I found interesting. good job.

Michael- I think that Mike made a very good point in talking about credit cards and how they are affecting the attention economy. Great facts, no source but great job.

Group #4


Overall i thought that this group presented a lot of good information. They had a lot of information on some of the slides which mad it a little hard to remember it all but had a lot of good information. They did a good job of looking at the audience and keeping peoples attention.

Aleksa- Aleksa did a good job and presented some good information on how when currency is too widely available it becomes it becomes useless. Just needed too talk a little slower and maybe a little more eye contact. But great job!

Brad- I think that Brad did a good job and the information about maximizing effective attention was good information. Some of the information was a little confusing but good job.

Dom- Dom did a great job in using pictures and not having a ton of writing on each slide. He also provided a lot of good information on how important advertising is to the attention economy and how it is changing to get our attention more and more. Great job!

Group #5


I think that this group did an overall great job. This group used the advantage of seeing other presentations first to improve how they presented theirs. They did not just read off the slides and the slides had good pictures and bold points about the future of the attention economy. Overall I thought that group did a good job of keeping the audience's attention and presented some good points.

Nicky- Nicky I thought you did a good job talking to the audience and I liked your diagram you showed the class. Some of the slides had a lot of information on them but overall good point and great job!

Tina- I think that Tina's power point was very interesting. She used a lot of pictures and had short but important points and details that grabbed your eye. The information about the attention economy in the past, present, and future was interesting and useful for the class paper. Great job.

Conrad- Conrad made some very interesting points about how your money has become less important then your attention, and backed up his information with an example of context advertising. On the negative side some of the slides had a lot of information on them but great job.

William- I think that the way William presented his information made his power point very powerful. He used a lot of good pictures, different slide colors and had very little writing on the slides. Keeping eye contact with everyone and talking loud helped to get his points and examples across. Amazing job!

Group #6


I think that this group did a good job, they instantly got the attention of the entire class when they mentioned porn and how it is also involved in the attention economy. Some of them opted not to do power points which was different but not as interesting.

Vega- Vega did a good job of not reading off his power point and keeping the audience interested. He used music to grab peoples attention and made good points on how attention is becoming more profitable then money.

Farro- I think that Farro got everyone's attention by not using a power point at all. He seem to be well prepared and know what he was talking when he explained how the internet is taking over. However I felt the lack of visuals with no power point, I think that his information might not have stayed with people as well as it could of with a power point.

Flagg- Flagg did a good job presenting his information on the technology of the attention economy. Could have used a little more eye contact but good job.

Ian- Ian brought up some good points on how businesses are dealing with attention economy and what they could do in the future. good job!

Corey- ?

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