coryash's grading page

Cory Ash

Group 1 was not bad. Sort of the ice breaker not really sure what to expect.

Zach- talked about how money is not going anywhere. Good job
Dan- talked about consumer rights did a nice job
Ben- talked about the internet. Also about how money is less important than attention. Very strong.
Mike– talked about stats on credit cards

Group 2 not bad went kind of fast

Janelle- talked about what people do to save time. Very good
Meagan- talked about how fast the internet is and the bad aspects of the internet. Good
Aimee- talked about the Entertainment Economy, good job.
Clay- talked about google he did a good job presenting.

Group 3 was weak. They seemed unprepared.

Bobby- Did not have his individual presentation in the class that his group went on. I do not know if he presented when I was not there or not.
Garrett- His power point was good. Tryed to pull together the loose ends of his group

Group 4 did a good job presenting. They went a little fast too but not bad.

Alexa- really good. She talked about currency is easy to get
Brad- His was only fair. It was kind of all over the place.
Dom- talked about the advertising swing he had many good points. Very nice

Group 5 was great their presentation was probaly the best.

Nicky- Talked to fast but she presented really good
Tina- used lots of picture making it easy to remember. Very good
Conrad- good information but he was boring
Will- Was calm and he presented his information very well. He put your facebook picture on his one of his slides which was kind of funny. He had the best one of everyone.

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