Sample Grading Page

Group X did a great job tying together a connection between video game usage and mall attendance, which makes a perfect case for proving the rise of the Attention Economy. Their presentation will be very helpful for me because the research I did didn't quite have a place in the paper until now. Now, I can make a link between entertainment industry changes and drops in the retail sector and have it all make sense. The way they presented was not quite as effective as it could have been though. I do not learn well with chalkboard drawings and posterboard graphs.

Person 1: They did an ok job of presenting their facts. Fortunately, the facts were so compelling that I was very interested in taking in all the material. However, the fact that there were no complete citations will make it difficult for me to cross-reference and read their source to help finish the group paper.

Person 2: I would give this person an A because the presentation was so effective. The facts and citations were all there, but more than that when she did the in-class demonstration of how an Attention Economy era firm can make $10 million in 6 months, I was hooked and will never forget it.

Person 3: Give him a C

Person 4: I wasn't really listening. I guess it was good. It will help me do the paper.

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