Garretts grade page

Group One: Group one had a good presentation, they had a lot of good facts and they asked the audience good questions. They made the point that we moved from the medieval economy so rapidly that in this transition can happen just as fast and before we know it we will be in the attention economy. Where are the sources?
Zach: He had a very strong presentation, he used a lot of really good historic facts about the attention economy.
Danny: He created a very good power point, his presentation helped understand the concept of attention economy. He did not use as many facts as he could have but still a good presentation.
Ben: he had a very well organized presentation which made it extremely easy to follow along. He should have put more information into it because he had gained my attention and I could have retained a lot more.
Mike: Great statistics, gave good information allowed me to learn new things.

Group Two: The overall presentation was good. A lot of good facts, the slides where hard to focus on but it was made up by the presenters describing their ideas very effectively.
Janelle: She had really good information, you could tell she spent time on her slides, I was not able to retain much information.
Amie: A lot of good facts, She validated her points by her facts which added a lot of creditability to her presentation.
Clay- Very well done slides, slot of good information
4th member- Seemed to be confident in his topic, good information.

Group Four: Usfull information adn a good presentatinon. They did an ok presenting it, could have been more livley
Aleksa: she described marketing really well made it easy to follow along.
Brad: Very good presentation, the green background made it easy to look at and eye catching
Dom: did not rely on his slides, he seemed confident in his topic, good and intresting facts.

Group five: This group used alot of god examples that people could relate to. They talked about Nascar wichi is a good connection to the modern world.
Nicky: Talked too fast which made it hard to follow but the information she was presenting was really good
Tina: She used images that stuck in my head, her information was also really recent
Conrad: Again good info but he was way to mono tone for me to follow along
Will: Took his time and presented his info well. He did seem a little uncomfortable byt he keep us ingadged

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