William's Grading

Group #1 :
There was good info on the idea of the Attention Economy and there was this one page I liked that asked why could we not be changing to an attention economy if we've changed from a money economy before. I'd give them at least a B.
Zack Martin's individual:
He had some quick facts about the economy and a topic that popped out to me about how money had reached a limit in 1965 but it would've helped if he had spoke on that more.
Danny Cascio individual:
Ben Domurat:
Michael Singleton:

Group 2
They seemed very prepared and knew what they were talking about. They used a few good examples to show how time is important in the attention economy. Their power point had images that stuck in my head and that is something I will keep in mind when I am doing my group and individual presentation.
Showed how google saves us time and we don't even realize it. It was a good individual to show how the web is linked to the attention economy.
Very well informed and gave many examples from the internet to everyday life.
Megan Millet

Group 3
Short and blue. Good diagram.
Garret Gauthier

Group 4
A lot of information. I don't think I will use it but there were a lot of words.
Showed diagrams which would stay in my head compared to all the words and tons of info that is usually thrown at us.

group 5
They did a superb job at explaining and giving insightful information on each area the attention economy has effected. They deserve an A+
Great slides. She went more in depth on her topic from the group presentation and showed many pictures that kept my attention.
Another great presentation. Very well informed on his topic.

Group 6
They did get my attention with the word porn and it made me see where else the attention economy has reached out to.
He got my attention by relating the attention economy to music and also a favorite band of mine. It made sense to me and I would have used his information in my presentation.
Had a pretty interesting theory on what businesses might resort to in the future with base to base meeting with potential customers.
Grabbed my attention instantly because he decided to just wing it and not have a power point. I don't think I would've used his information though.


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