Janelle Prevost Grading

Group # 1
Monday Nov. 17th

*Michael Singleton
*Ben Domurat
*Danny Cascio
*Zach Martin

As a group they covered a range of past through present and related it to how important our attention is.
I think it would have helped to have more details supporting their idea that the attention economy is mostly about where we place our attention.

Zach pointed out that money isn't going to completely go away, but it will lose its importance. I think that point was really good because it got everyone thinking; Maybe it would have been good if he backed it up with some examples.

I think Danny's main focus was on consumer rights, and I liked the way he split up how our attention is divided up into four groups to show how our attention relates to the economy.

Ben included an explanation and examples of the attention economy in his presentation. He also related it to the future of how things will be.

Michael gave lots of stats and a good explanation of how credit cards are an important factor leading into the attention economy.

Overall, I think Ben and Michael had the most useful information in their individual presentations. I found their information would be more helpful as far as being able to use that knowledge as we go into writing our class paper, mostly because they gave information to back up what they were saying.


Group #4
Monday Dec. 1st


The overall group presentation was good - they had lots of information. Some of the information I felt slipped by me because it was detailed but they went pretty fast. They covered a lot of different aspects of the attention economy which was helpful.

Aleksa's focus on markets and economy was good - the main point I remember from her portion of the presenation was that when currency is widely available, it becomes useless. Also she said something about how when the amount of information increases, the demand for attention decreases - I thought that was an important point.

I think Brad's individual presenation focused on maximizing effective attention, but I kind of got lost and didn't follow the information.

Dom used pictures in his presentation, which helped to grab my attention. I remember him talking about the advertising swing and how there is a decrease in the use of traditional media advertising. I think this is a good point too for the group paper because advertising has a huge impact on the way peoples' time is spent.


Group #5
Wednesday Dec. 3rd


I think this group did a pretty good job of compiling their info into the group project. They used several pictures throughout the powerpoint which was helpful because it grabbed the audience's attention and kind of worked to keep everyone listening. The only downside was that most of the slides had too much information so it was hard to keep focused on what they were saying.

Nicky did a good job incorporating a diagram into her presentation. I think maybe going throught he diagram or explaining it a little may have helped more since she changed slides kind of quickly, so we didn't really get a chance to see what the diagram was showing. There was a lot of info crowded onto the first slide, which made it kind of hard to absorb the details.

I think Tina did a great job because she used several pictures to demonstrate past, present, and future. Her slides were well done with short bullet points and contrasting colors to grab everyone's attention. She spoke loud and it was very easy to follow what she was saying.

Conrad's presentation was full of good info - it would have helped if he split some of it up into smaller bullet points or separate slides so that the info wasn't so overwhelming. He used a couple pictures which helped to show his main point about how there will be less money, and more demand for attention. He also gave an example to back up what he was saying about context advertising.

William's presentation was really well put together. He did a good job of using different colors and pictures to keep everyone focused. He had great eye contact with the audience which seemed to help everyone pay attention as well. I liked the fact that he had barely anything on his slides - less information on the powerpoint, more talking and giving examples.

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