Meagan's grading page

Group # 1
Michael Singleton
Ben Domurat
Danny Cascio
Zach Martin
- Covered the topic pretty well. Maybe could had made a little more eye contact with the audience. Overall interesting information, made a good contribution.
Zach Martin- The information he presented i found interesting, made a good contribution. Maybe should have had a more reliable source. Anyone can post on blog website and sometimes can be unreliable.
Danny Cascio- Good information. I found it very interesting. Should have had a work citied.
Ben Domurat- I liked the point of view Ben took, very interesting. I like how his power point was related to the future and what will happen. Maybe should have put his work cited on the power point.
Michael Singleton- Information was good. Took a interesting approach to the topic. Needed a source

Group # 3 Monday

The group had good information to contribute to the paper. It taught me a lot about Market economy. At times they all seemed to talk a little to fast. More eye contact with the audience. Overall made some very good points.

Aleksa- Did a good job and had helpful and useful information. Useful information was presented that could help me write the group paper. Maybe next time have less writing on each slide and make more eye contact.

Dom- Good approach to the subject, needed to talk a little slower at times. Slides were set up very good, not to much information on each slide.

December 3rd, wednesday

Nicky Marcroft
Conrad Schmidt

Group did a really nice job talking to the audience. They did not read directly from the power point, which was a change from normal. I liked how they focused their presentation on the future, i like that approach. Valid information in their presentation!

Nicky- I liked how you showed an example on your power point hat something might look like. Made a small but very interesting contribution to the paper.

Tina- Interesting approach, I think the past present and future was a good way to present the information to the class. Nice power point presentation. For the most part i thought this was a valuable piece to the paper.

Conrad- Advertising was a good and different way to present information. I thought the information was valuable and that you did a nice job.

William- I thought he was very prepared for his presentation. Took a different approach then most, but the information was very valuable and interesting. Overall i thought his presentation was very good!

Brad- Did not really understand the table that well. Maybe should of spent a little more time to explain it, overall nice job

Group # 6
As a group I thought overall the presentation was very good. The group did a nice job taking all different aspects on Attention Economy, i thought this was interesting!
Vega- i thought that Vega was well prepared for his presentation, he did not relay on the powerpoint. Did a nice job showing that attention is more profitable then money.
Farro- Did a nice job with his presentation. He also did not relay on his power point. He knew his information very well. I agreed with the things he presented in his presentation, about how the internet is going to take over.
Flagg- Had some interesting information on his power point about the attention economy technology. Nice job!
Corey- ?

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