My Grading Page

Group 1: The power point was really good. It was clear and easy to understand although they did rely on the text and not much of the information was retained. Overall I would give them a B.

Zach Martin: His information was clear and organized. He also seemed to know what he was talking about. I liked how he talked about the history aspect, it really helped to put this whole attention economy idea into perspective. He deserves and A.

Danny Cascio:He relied heavily on his power point which gave me the impression that he didn't know what he was talking about. His information was very organized and easy to understand. His topic on property and mobility allowed me to connect with the topic and relate it to everyday life. He deserves an A

Ben Domurat:He knew his information very well and the information was presented in such a way that it was easy to understand and remember. His information on the big trends can very much be utilized in the paper. He deserves an A

Micheal Singleton:His information on statistics was great. He too was very organized and his presentation allowed the audience to retain some of the information. He gets an A

Group 3: This group didn't seem to have it all together. I didn't find much of the information all too useful. I would give them a B-

Garret Gauthier: His information definitely was useful and something that our age group can understand. He seemed confident and didn't really have to rely on his power point presentation. He deserves an A

Group 4: The information was a little dry and didn't seem very helpful to me. Overall the presentation was good and they had some useful information; deserves a B

Aleksa: Good information. Spoke about marketing which is an important part. Good presentation. Grade: A

Brad: Liked the presentation, the white with green background was eye catching. Good information! Grade: A

Dom: Knew information very well, not completely reliant on power point. Information was also on marketing but not the same facts. Interesting with a good presentation. Grade: A

Group 5: Great presentation. I liked their argument about pop up going out of date and how they might have contributed to the attention economy. Their information was a help and interesting to listen to. Grade: A

Nicky: Good information! A

Tina: Her presentation was great. She had a nice eye catching background that got me attracted to what she was saying. Her topic on newspapers was interesting. She needs to slow down a little bit. But other than that great job! Grade: A

Conrad: Presentation needed to be kicked up a bit. The color was dull and there weren't many pictures. His information though was very good. I could definitely say that his topic of adds based on relevancy to the site was legit. He deserves a B.

Will: I liked how he had mostly pictures and his information was written on note cards. The google books was interesting especially to someone who is an avid reader. Good information and presentation; deserves an A

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