Nicky's Grading Page

Group 1: what we can expect in the future is the continue demand for information, the growth in number of people looking for attention, and the loss in the desire for monetary possessions and more attention

Zach talked about how money will never disappear just lose it's imoportance and the growth of the web is only a small part of the changing economy.
Dan did a really good job presenting on basic consumer rights
Ben presented on a multitude of things. he explained why the economy is changing, how the internet is and unlimited resource, and how money will have less value and attention will become the new currency.
Mike had really good information and stats on credit cards

Group 2 As a group they did a good job presenting. they could have slowed down a little bit.

Janelle- talked about what people use time savers for everyday activities.
Meagan talked about how the internet is the quickest way to access information. she also talked about some of the downsides of the internet.
Aimee did a good job presenting on the Entertainment Economy, with good statistics.
Clay really expanded on google and did a good job presenting his information.

Group 3


Group 4 overall i think the group did a very good job presenting. they could have slowed down a little bit, but other than that it was really good.

Aleksa's part of the presentation was really good. i remember that she talked about currency is widely available it becomes useless.
Brad i got kinda lost following the information in this presentation.
Dom's presentation caught my attetion becuase he used pictures in his. i remember him talking about and advertising swing which i think i s a good point becuase advertising is a big part of how we use our attention.

Group 6- The group did a really good job presenting their information. they presented information on different aspects of the Attention economy.

Vega had good points showing that attention is more profitable than money.
Ian had good stats on commercials, and our attention. did not rely on the powerpoint.
Faro had a really good presentation. was well prepared with information about how the internet is going to take over

Flagg- had some good facts on the Attention Economy Technology. Did a good job presenting the information.

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