Sleepys grading page

Group 2- Overall presentation was done well. They were easy to read the presenters did a good job of presenting it.
Janelle- good info, slide was done well, able to remember lots from slides
Aimee- Had lots of facts and numbers to back things up made me more convinced that what she was saying was true and real
Clay- good info, slides done well also.
Millet- good info

Group 3- powerpoint was hard to see but from what i heard there was good info.
Garrett- powerpoint much easier to see and was able to hear and see info so it made it a lot better and it stuck longer
Bobby- only said one thing

Group 4- Presentation was good had lots of good info might have been a little easier to understand if they had some pictures
Aleska- had lots of good info, presented info in a way that was easy to understand
Brad- again had good info on his slides
Dom- short but good, pictures were good and info stuck longer

Group 5- Didn't feel like it flowed just felt like it was jumbled together. However the info they presented was good and so i was able to remember it.
Ian- slides had color and he had good info so i was able to remeber info
Faro- Info was good, presentation was different but it was good and it captured my attention
Vega- info very useful

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